Updates, Hobos, Supergods and Deadmans.

Quick update just to keep track of where the hell I’ve been the past week or so.


Aside from trying to feel something other than apathy over another celebrity death, and feeling oddly upset about the shooting incident in Norway, I’ve been numbing my real world senses by following the SDCC ’11 coverage and of course enjoying (?) those teaser trailers for Batman and Spider-man, and finally I caught ‘Hobo With A Shotgun’, which is still doing the rounds at a small number of cinemas.

I reviewed the film for Starburst Magazine, so check that out if you are still curious about this messy little gem.


— Please note that the opening paragraph did fall at the mercy of a sub-edit, and the slightly rambling nature of the bit was not entirely my doing. I’m not bitching about it, but I think it will always grind the nerves a little —

My ongoing Cinematic Pile of Shame was reduced by one, after seeing ‘Goodbye Lenin’, another in a terribly long list of films I was just always too damned lazy to watch. Culture, yay!


Reading wise, I’m still not done with last weeks comics due to lack of time, with Issue #2 of ‘Deadman and the Flying Graysons’ and ‘Daredevil’ #1 still sitting on my to do list. I think I may have saved the best for last with Daredevil though.

I also got a copy if Grant Morrision’s exploration of the Cape comics relationship to human society throughout the years, ‘Supergods’. So far it’s been a decent read, a combination of the obvious and the headspinningly obscure.

That guy knows comics, of course, but his additional insights in to the strange world of magic, myth and his much documented personal… ummm… Interests, add something fairly fresh to this look at the social importance of those oddly dressed icons and why we are more like them than you might think.

I’ll be posting a review of ‘Supergods’ whenever I can get time to read the rest of the thing.


The Dark Knight Rises teaser trailer

Predictably, I was pretty psyched to see the teaser for Christopher Nolan’s final entry in his Batman story before seeing ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2’ this week.

Now, Warners have released the trailer for all to see across the web, and for those that saw the bootlegged version last week, you might actually be able to discern some detail this time!

I won’t break anything down like most sites have, as it really speaks for itself and hardly warrants analysis. Then again, I’ve never known outlets have such a feindish desire for even the tiniest detail about a movie so far from release before, so you can’t blame them for trying to get some extra mileage from this official release.

Some have commented on thee rushed feel to the teaser. That I can agree with, but it still lets us know enough about whats going on to make it a worthwhile watch.

I only have until July 20th 2012 to worry about the fate of Jim Gordon and the rest of Gotham City.